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Thursday, 22 August 2019
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After qualifying as a toolmaker in 1988, I joined a company in Remscheid, Germany, where I enhanced my knowledge of EDM machines with focus on wire cutting and milling. In addition to this I also upgraded my qualification as a precision engineer through evening classes at a Technicon over a period of four years.

In 1997 I decided to start my own small business from a garage in my hometown Wülfrath, Germany. Within 9 months we had to move to larger premises and were able to invest in a second wire cut machine.
Due to the workload and demands of our customers, within a short period our machine capacity increased with the addition of a CNC co-ordinate measuring machine, CNC MAHO milling machine, CNC HAAS milling machine, spark eroder, lathe, surface grinder, etc.

Due to personal reasons (my wife is South African), I decided to leave my well established company to a reliable employee and to pack the basic necessities to develop ETM in South Africa.

Since 2006 I am offering my German engineering know-how to you. In this fast growing country, I feel that international experience and knowledge can only be of an advantage.

My slogan “we have a passion for precision” is my motto for life.

Precision is needed for quality and good quality leaves a lasting impression!




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