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Thursday, 22 August 2019
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Wire cutting is also known as wire-cut EDM or wire eroding. In the case of EDM wire cutting, the steel (workpiece) is cut with a special metal wire electrode which travels along a pre-programmed path. Angled or conical surfaces can be produced to the highest accuracy and with the finest surface finish.

We have a passion for precision, so when accuracy counts, you can rely on ETM. For the last 15 years we have used wire cutting to create some very intricate components.

Our customers demand accuracy and appreciate expert advise when
putting their ideas into practice – we offer this and a whole lot more.

Our equipment and expertise means we use wire cutting not only for press and mould tooling, but also

  • jigs and fixtures
  • dies and punches
  • gauges
  • gearwheels
  • tools
  • prototype parts
  • precision components

Almost any shape geometrically possible can be cut thanks to our offline CADCAM in-house programming. Add to that high accuracy and exceptional surface finishing and you’ve got top quality components.



 Max. machine envelope 
 X Axis = 300mm x Y Axis = 200mm
 Max. cutting height 250mm
 Surface finish Ra = 0.3µm
 Precision ± 0.003mm
 Wire strength 0.1mm up to 0.3mm
 Max. incline of wire 30° (dependant on the height of the material)
 Max weight of material 300kg



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