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Thursday, 22 August 2019
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CNC milling in progress
Our CNC (Computer Numerical Control) milling machine is a computer controlled vertical mill with the ability to move the spindle vertically along the Z-Axis. This permits use in engraving applications and also allows to create 2.5D surfaces such as relief sculptures. When combined with the use of conical tools or a ball nose cutter, it also significantly improves milling precision without impacting speed, providing a cost-efficient alternative to most flat-surface hand engraving work.

CNC milling in progress
Our vertical milling machine and competence are flexible enough to meet all your requirements from a single workpiece to series workpieces.


HAAS Minimill

Work envelope
 X Axis = 406mm x Y Axis = 305mm
Max. height Z Axis = 254mm
Table length 914mm
Max. table load 230kg
Spindle taper size #40 taper
Max. spindle speed 
Rapid travel
Tool changer 10-pocket automatic



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